Is Paintless Dent Repair suitable for Classic Cars?

We would suggest that not only is PDR suitable for classic cars, it is far more critical to check if your damage can be restored with a paintless repair before taking a trip to the bodyshop.

This is mainly due to the fact that a lot of the value of a classic car is in its originality and so to be able to perform a repair that keeps the original paint intact is far more beneficial to the car than a "fill and paint" job would be.

The materials used to build cars have changed dramatically over the years. In past times, the body of the car would be the main structure whereas with a modern car, the structure is all hidden and the body is just a pretty shell that covers it. This is why much lighter, thinner materials are now used for the bodywork than were used before. Additionally, the paints in the automotive industry have changed massively, with modern paints being far more flexible and resilient than types used in the past.

Because of this, a lot more care and attention has to be paid to how a repair in a classic car is carried out and choosing a technician with relevant skills and experience can be even more critical as you will usually only get one chance to get it right! One wrong move and a split in the paint can leave you with no choice but a trip to the paint shop!

So, in answer to the question..... is Paintless Dent Repair suitable for classic cars?  "A definite YES!  We are often able to make dents in classic cars totally disappear".

If you have a classic car with a dent bring it along to the workshop and we will be happy to give you our best advice as we have gained a lot of experience and knowledge of working with many different marque.

Mercedes Gullwing

Mercedes Gullwing